We've all heard about ways and old remedies to keep yourself healthy, But what we don't know and realize is that many of those remedies don't work.
Here are a few common myths that have been busted!


1. Exercise On An Empty Stomach

You may have heard it's best to work out in the morning on an empty stomach because you'll burn more calories, but not eating can cause your blood sugar to plummet during a workout, which can leave you lightheaded and dizzy or even make you faint. This is based on the fact that the blood sugar remains at a low constant during sleep to maintain body function, but fueling needs to happen to impose greater demands on the body after waking up. Still many people wake up and workout without eating anything and this further diminishes the body’s ability to rebuild and recover. 


2. Avoid Cardio If You're Trying To Build Muscle

You may have heard that if your goal is to build muscle, you should avoid doing cardio, as it will "eat" your muscle. But the opposite is true. Performing cardiovascular exercise can lead to improving performance, body composition, and improving recovery time away from delayed onset muscle soreness. Performing excessive cardiovascular activities over a period of time can lead to lower lean body mass as a result of the oxidative energy system being the dominant system of energy exerted. So we should believe this myth. 


3. Work Out Hard Every Single Day

Daily movement is great, but you shouldn't be doing high-intensity workouts seven days a week. Our bodies will not make improvements if we work out hard every single day, because they will have no time to recover or repair. Our muscles build up after they've been broken down in a workout session, and if they don't have a window of at least a day two recover, it will result in fewer results. In addition, if you work out hard every single day, you will be constantly spiking your cortical levels. This can lead to more stress and hormone struggles. 


4. Do Static Stretches Before Every Workout

Most of us have been told to stretch before a workout in order to avoid straining a muscle. However, here is a strong body of scientific evidence that shows not only does static not prevent injuries, but it can also impair your performance. But the truth is you will be able to do less during the workout, especially strength-type exercises and you can actually increase the probability of injuring yourself. Instead of doing static stretches as a warm up, dynamic stretching or a warm up of some light cardio should be done. 


5. Lifting Weights Makes Women Bulky

It is said that females have 1/20th to 1/30th of the testosterone levels that men have, but most of us do not know that this is a false belief. By lifting more weight, females don't have the testosterone to support serious muscle mass growth. Now, eating 10,000 calories a day and performing intense strength training workouts will bulk a female up, but that should be avoided. People also commonly think the average female doesn't need to lift heavy weight, but then you see them trying to haul 50-pound bags of dog food in one hand and a full-sized child in the other. Lifting heavy will benefit women in many areas of their lives. So do not believe the myth that lifting weights makes women bulky. 


6. Spot Reduction Works

False, Trying to lose your gut by just doing sit-ups is futile. One million abs exercises won't flatten a stomach that is covered in layers of fat. Burning calories through frequent, consistent cardiovascular exercise helps shed belly fat. Combining this with an improved diet, will create a low calorie count that will further trim the belly and other areas of body. Eventually, certain exercises will help tone the muscles, which will become visible when the excess fat is gone. 


7. Abs exercise will give you flat stomach 

The only way to get a flat stomach is to strip away the fat around the midsection. This is accomplished by doing cardio aerobic exercise to burn calorie, weight training to increase metabolism and following a proper diet. Whereas abdominal can be done to build muscle in your midsection, but you will never see the muscle definition unless the fat in this area is stripped away. So we should not believe on this myth that abs exercise will give you a flat stomach.

So, the next time when someone passes their invaluable advises on how to take care of your fitness, you know what to do. Do let us know if you have had come across any of these myths and give us your feedback.
- Jasreen Bhatia