7 Celebrities with incredible fitness advice

Every one of us wants to have a great physique and built that of a Greek god or goddesses, but then question arises whether how we can achieve the goals. Let it be fitness models, sports person or actors, the super attractive sculpted body is what, everyone is drooling upon.   
So here we have listed the secrets of these famous celebrities, whose advice will set your fitness goals.


1. Kate Upton

Having a perfect swimsuit body requires its own share of hard work, which includes regular workout with some foam rolling, lunges and stretching. Strength training: She does TRX rows, single-deck Romania deadlines and weighed hip thrusts. The most important part is that she doesn’t rest during her workout which helps in her cardiac. It is one of the key features of her exercise that her trainer focuses on, i.e. progressive overload.


2. Brad Pitt

The world has witnessed his incredible physique when he did take off his shirt in 'fight club'. When asked about the secret of his attractive body he simply said continuous training program and disciplined diet. His daily workout consists of having a post warm up and cardiovascular only performed on Fridays that make his body so lean and light.


3. Tiger Shroff

Let it be stunts, dancing or any killer moves, he manages to win hearts. He has toned his body with a perfect shape. He idolizes Bruce Lee. His fitness advice for all is to clean up your diet and quit drinking/smoking. He insists on training under guidance of trainer and encourages sound sleep that is almost 8-10 hours.


4. Shilpa Shetty

One of the most famous celebrities for her acting skills and fitness level. She has always encouraged practicing yoga for maintain a healthy body and sound mind. She focuses on wholesome foods which consists of salmon and turkey veggies. She prefers having dinner 3 hours prior to sleep, so that she gets enough time to digest the intake. Well, it does speaks for her good looks.


5. Virat Kohli

Loved by girls and admired by guys. He believes that fitness is a lifestyle, not a need. He recommends avoiding unhealthy food and insists on juices rather than coffee. He hits the gym at least 5 times a week. He also focuses on cardiovascular exercises and heavy weights to develop his muscles.


6. Christiano Ronaldo

He believes that for having a fit and healthy body one should focus on their diet, eat healthy, and avoid things that are bad for health like alcohol, cigarettes, sugar sodas and processed foods. In addition to this he recommends adequate sleep and be strict in disciplined in your daily routine.